CO2 negative Lebensmittel

Wir möchten dafür sorgen, dass Konsumenten durch den Kauf von Lebensmitteln aus Carbon Farming Anbau zur Reduzierung des CO2 Gehalts in der Atmosphäre beitragen können.

Great that you’re here! Read on to learn how you can capture CO2 with your food choice 

Did you know that there is already so much CO2 in our atmosphere that simply reducing emissions in not enough anymore? To save the climate, we need to start capturing the CO2 that is already in the air


A new form of agriculture can help achieve this goal. It is called Carbon Farming, and can store up to tonnes of CO2 per year globally, whilst also restoring soil health and biodiversity.


Because this type of farming is not very common yet, we need your help to change that. 


When you buy Carbon Farmed food, you help a farmer transition to Carbon Farming so he can capture CO2 in your name. With your food choice, you become part of the climate solution! 


We’re just getting started right now and need your help - please complete this 1 minute online vote and tell us which kind of food products you'd want us to produce first!

Because this type of climate-saving farming is not very common yet, we need your help  

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